I am Agnes. A freelance web designer based in London. 

About Istos Design


I have been designing websites for many years. It all started as a little bit of fun - making web designs for myself and my friends. With growing portfolio and interest in my work, Istos Design was born. 


Today, I provide an affordable, fast and professional service. Most of my customers came and keep coming through recommendation, and all were 100% satisfied.


Being a freelance web designer means that I do not have to juggle projects, and can focus 100% on you. I am committed to producing websites that are unique, exceed client's expectations and it doesn't end there. I will assist and support you after the project is completed. Whenever you need me, I'll be there - even on the weekend. I promptly respond to all the calls, texts and emails.


I work on fixed fee basis, agreed in advance, so no sneaky extras at the end. If you need to add something once project commenced, I will quote it separately and will not make changes without your approval. I build long lasting business relationships with my clients by being honest, transparent and approachable. My friendly and helpful nature makes communication between us flow and guarantees fast progress and success of each project.


If you think I am a person you could work with and you like my web designs, get in touch and let's get started.

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
– Pablo Picasso 




Firstly, We focus on you. Every business is different, and so is every website. To create the perfect site, understanding exactly what your needs are is essential. We look at the project through your eyes.


Secondly, WEB DEVELOPMENT. We turn to the user, creating the best possible experience. We concentrate on the overall quality, navigation, loading speed, making the user's journey as awesome and easy as possible. Your website users are potential customers, so attention to detail is crucial. We constantly evaluate your design from the eyes of the user during development, to achieve the best possible results. 

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Once your website is ready, we will tidy-up the mobile phone version. What looks great on a PC or laptop does not necessarily work on a mobile. We will make sure the smaller format of your website will be as awesome and easy to navigate as its big brother. You may notice subtle changes on your mobile phone version, but when it comes to small screens, sometimes "less is more", as long as it enhances the user's experience.

Take a look at my work.

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e-commerce web design ISTOS DESIGN

When it comes to eCommerce, having a comprehensive, well-designed and easy to use site has never been more important. We aim to create eye-catching and user-friendly online stores that meet your business’ objective. 

Since your website users are potential customers, effective navigation is vital. Visitors need to find what they are looking for easily. They need to be able to go through the process, from locating the product to checkout, as quickly and painlessly as possible - it is a matter of "sale or no sale". In addition, if the buying experience is enjoyable, customers will return, and recommend your website to others.

Have a question about e-commerce web design?

I am happy to answer.




In the ocean of websites, it is very easy to sink to the bottom. Being successful online is vital to surviving in the modern digital age. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service will help you swim as close to the sharks as possible and improve your company’s web presence.

In addition to SEO, use of social media can really improve online success of businesses within today’s industry. Social media websites such as Facebook & Twitter allow you to connect with potential customers, and help to spread the awareness of your brand or business to a much wider audience than you would initially anticipate.

Have a question about SEO, web design or anything else? I am happy to answer.


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Graphic Design Workspace - Istos Design
Istos Design - logo


Graphic design should provoke a reaction and leave a lasting impression on the audience. Whether it’s a logo design, business card or website design – unremarkable brand identity drives away business. Good design from a professional freelance graphic designer pays for it’s self and adds equity to a brand.


I can also help you with photography. Good quality photos of your products, office or staff really make difference to your web design - makes it more personal. 

Have a question about graphics in web design? I am happy to answer.



I do not want to build you a site and send you on your way. My goal is to stick it out with you, make things work, ease your technical pain points, educate you on what may or may not be working. Whether it's an occasional progress call, a short email, or a slack message with an urgent issue, I am here for you.


Your brand new website will need a bit of TLC. To keep your audience interested you should maintain it on regular basis and keep your web design fresh. It will also help you stay up in the searches. 


I provide on-going support and maintenance services to ensure that your website always runs smoothly. I provide honest advice and the best possible support. You are always welcome to call, even weekends. Try me - dial 07966 431 523, text me, send me an email or fill in the form on this website. 

Don't let your website fade away