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Reasons For Having Your Own Holiday Rentals Website

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Holiday rentals market is growing. Many Brits are relocating each year and setting up their new businesses abroad. Many choose to rent a part or whole of their properties during holiday season or beyond. With holiday rental market reaping rewards of over £125 billion up to day, there is much to gain. Business owners often start with advertising their properties on the listing sites, such as Airbnb, which is great, but with so much competition, is it a good way to run your business long term? In order to increase your visibility, build trust, gain more popularity and increase profits, or simply to stand out from the crowd, having your own holiday rentals website is highly recommended. Trust me - I have been there!

Managing properties or property for that matter, can prove to be quite an uphill task, but having your own website can help to make your operations more streamlined and manageable. In this article we will take a look at how having your own website can help you boost your holiday rental business and reduce your need for advertising to zero.

Holiday rentals website

Get More Control Over Your Bookings Through Direct Transactions

Receive direct bookings! Meaning, you can get rid of multiple third-party fees like hosting or transaction commissions. Depending on how many listing sites you have subscribed to, these fees can be substantial. According to various reports, 65% of guests actually prefer to book their holiday properties directly with the owner or through the owner's website, as it helps them avoid any hidden charges, answer any questions they may have or make more personalised arrangements.

Having your own holiday rentals website helps you get to know your customers better before they even arrive, which creates an opportunity to increase your income by offering some additional, more personalised services that maybe of interest to your guests. As the trust is being build, sometimes you may even receive a full payment before your guests arrive, which is much better than dealing with deposits and collecting outstanding payments.

Zero Dependencies On Listing Sites

Listing sites have become very powerful and they charge commissions from both you and your customer. By having your own holiday rentals website you can get back the lost control over your business. It also expands your marketing efforts and helps you reach customers never thought possible before. Moreover, you can run your business on your own terms, develop great relationships with your guests by dealing with them right from the beginning to the very end, and if their entire experience is positive, they will return year after year, and recommend your property to their friends, family, work colleagues etc. In today's digital age, people who post their exceptional experiences on social media will do all your marketing for you, and it can all start with quality of your website or even just having one.

Have More Freedom To Run Your Business

Limitations can hamper your growth and there is no doubt to the fact that your hands are tied when you list your business on third-party sites. By having your own website you can get the full freedom to exercise your choices, like for example adding more images to your homepage, more information, services and options. Your decisions are not restricted, allowing you flexibility to tailor each customer's experience by enhancing it accordingly, which will result in more quality reviews, recommendations and repeated custom.

Make Your Operations Meticulous

Listing your property across many channels can only mean one thing, loads of confusion and also chances of double bookings. Avoid these by having your own holiday rentals website. You can streamline all your calendars, booking requests, payment status from a single place - your dashboard. All you need to do now is lay back, and let your availability calendar and your rental software do the job. We are all super busy and often waiting for a reply makes a difference between getting business or loosing it. Make sure everything is done in a timely manner. Don't let you clients wait for too long, by the time you reply they may have paid a deposit elsewhere.

The Beauty Of Automation

Every business includes many repetitive tasks. Your own holiday rentals website will help you to automate these tasks and improve your overall productivity by giving you the option to integrate automation tools. Many sales and management processes like communication with customers, marketing, confirming the payment status etc. can be easily automated. Also, a good amount of time can be saved by using autoresponders and canned responses (predefined answers or messages for the frequently asked questions typically for queries related to sales, customer support, or marketing) to regular inquiry emails, helping you save time and increase your income potential.

Showcase Your Expertise Through Your Holiday Rentals Website

The world is your oyster when you have your own website. You can show your customers how helpful and attentive you are by listing local attractions or events they can enjoy during their stay at your property. Display relevant photos of local markets, villages, landscapes etc. or show previous guests having a good time (don't forget to ask permission to display those). If you have a private chef or a babysitter, show the pics of them at work. Display all your good reviews, and answer in more detail to these not so good ones - we all have had a difficult customer to deal with at some point! Turn any negatives into positives to show your guests you are a professional and will take a good care of them and their families. Improve your business by gaining the trust of the customers worldwide with your own website.

The Credibility Factor

Having your own website adds to your credibility. Customers may opt-out of booking your property just because of the fact that you don’t have your own website. Having your own website can do a world of good to your online trust factor.

Better Branding

Having your own website adds more value to your brand. If you want your business to be acknowledged around the globe, it is always best to have your own website, as this helps in giving consistency to your brand and will help your business to stand out from the rest. Make your business a brand and not just yet another commodity.

Creating and Maintaining Your Own Holiday Rentals Website - It's An Easy Process

Business owners are worried about the efforts and money that goes into the making and maintaining of their own website, as a result they put it off to a later date. In fact having your own website, no matter who you are and what goods or services you offer, saves you lots of time and is a cost-effective way of promoting and running your business. Once set up properly, your website can practically run itself - with occasional maintenance such as change of pictures, prices or adding a new information. Even if you are not tech savvy, making and maintaining your website is relatively easy, and even if you get a helping hand of the right professional, it is still the most cost-effective way to promote your business.

So, Why Having Your Own Holiday Rentals Website is Important?

There are many reasons why launching your own holiday rentals website is good for your business. Right from controlling it more easily to making more profits, having your own website can make a world of difference to your business operations. So don't delay! Start creating your own website or have your website made by a professional web designer. Contact ISTOS DESIGN today - open a new world of possibilities and gain more customers.

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