I am Agnes.

A freelance web designer based in London. 

I create beautiful, functional websites & interfaces.


Founder of ISTOS DESIGN UK, dedicated to designing the best websites I possibly can, for clients just like you - one man bands, start-ups and companies in London and beyond. Passionate about web design I produce bespoke, responsive and unique websites that work hard for you - so you don't have to. Affordable, fast and professional. Want instant results?









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I offer a wide range of services. From web design that looks great on any device, operating system and any web browser to maintenance. I am available to help you every step of the way with improving and expanding your website as your business grows. Graphic design, E-commerce, social media, search engine optimisation - I do it all so you don't have to.

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I will visualise your project through a variety of design services and techniques. It is important that your website looks great to engage your visitors. I will work on your web design until we both feel it meets your requirements.


I feel that first impressions are important when it comes to a company image. Whether it’s your logo or your website I can help you achieve that image. Also, I provide a photography service, so we can get your pics just right.


I will transform it into a smaller format. You may have noticed that sometimes the same website looks slightly different on a mobile. This is because PC version of the web design just doesn't look good on a phone and need adjustment.


Being successful online is vital to surviving in the modern digital age. All my websites are optimised, structured and built in a SEO-friendly way. It is a major factor in whether a website is well ranked in Google (the holy grail). 


By this stage we will have a beautifully looking design - your web will look fab! Now I will make sure it all works as it should. There is nothing more frustrating than a page that doesn't load or button you just can't press...


In addition to SEO, use of social media can really improve online success of businesses within today’s industry, but only if you actually keep up with it, writing  articles, posting, tweeting is a hard work, but worth it.


Here the visual aspect of your website is the key. An eye catching design of your website will attract traffic. With an intuitive navigation we will convert window shoppers into buyers. I have a few wicked apps up my sleeve. 


So, you have a great website, a fab web design, lots of traffic - that's it, job done, right? Wrong. It's an ongoing process. As your business grows and transforms, so should your website. I can help you to keep your web up to scratch. 


In a nutshell, a freelance web designer is a sole trader who builds websites for individuals and businesses, but also offers a white label services for web design agencies. If you have a large budget, you may hire a web design company. There are so many around, but it will take a lot of time and effort finding the right one for you. You may consider creating a web design yourself. There are plenty of site builders out there, but do you really have the time and energy to learn new skills and produce an awesome tool that stands out and actually helps your business? 


Don’t waste your time and money. Choose ISTOS DESIGN. You just found your website designer! HIRE ME.

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I have been designing websites for many years. It all started as a little bit of fun - making websites for myself and my friends. With growing portfolio and interest in my work, Istos Design UK was born. A hobby became a passion.


Being a freelance web designer,

I do not juggle projects and can focus 100% on you. I am committed to producing a website that exceeds your expectations, and I will assist and support you after project is completed.


I build long lasting business relationships with my clients by being honest and transparent. It is in my nature. Most of my customers came through recommendation, and all were 100% satisfied.



Whenever you need me, I am always there. Not hearing back can be annoying - it work both ways, but I will promptly respond to all your text or email and action whatever is needed almost instantly. Try me! Get in touch!


I provide an affordable, fast and professional service. I work on fixed fee basis, agreed in advance. No sneaky extras at the end. If you need to add something once project commenced, I will quote it separately. 

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It's just nice to be nice. A friendly voice on the other side can make your day. Hopefully, I can brighten your day when we talk. Being approachable and friendly makes communication between us to flow. I listen carefully too. Let's talk.